Friday, December 9, 2011

Stalker Friday Derailed

I was all set to sic everyone on one of my favorite blogger/writers today, when suddenly the entire course of my day, maybe my life, was changed.

I have a regiment of blogs I read every morning before I get started at my day job.  Some help start my day with humor, some give me focus, some just help kick-start my brain. Today one of my more recent adds knocked me down and kicked me in the guts with a huge freakin' dose of humility and compassion.

Volunteering and assisting those less fortunate than myself has always been a very important part of my life.  I don't toss out used clothing or other items someone else might need.  I never, ever, pass up a Salvation Army bell ringer during the holiday season, even if the change I just got back in the store is all the money I have left. I have volunteered to serve breakfast at a local mission on Saturday mornings.

But lately, I haven't been taking the time to really think about the people.  I haven't considered the stories of the recipients, I haven't connected with the humanity of the needs. Because I'm busy, because I'm focused on what's going on with me - because I'm selfish and self-absorbed....  really, that's what it is.  Let's face the truth.

So, get out your kleenex and immediately go to CRAZY WORLD.  Right now.  I'm not kidding.  If you put it off you will miss out on the experience; you know you'll forget, and then later who knows if you'll be able to find it again. So go.

Then, when you've recovered from the kidney punch, kissed all your people, and sold all you own and donated the money, we should stalk somebody.

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