Monday, November 7, 2011

My First Book Review: The Dark Path by Luke Romyn

Let me start by saying, I LOVED THIS BOOK.
Now, that having been said, if you are looking for a light, fun, autumn read, step away from the book, there is nothing more to see here…
Luke has packed more intense action and raw emotion into 2980 locations (Kindle version, obviously) than one mere mortal should be exposed to.  I despise spoilers, so I will afford the vaguest of synopsis here.
An assassin referred to as The Dark Man finds himself thrown into the most unlikely situation imaginable. One where he becomes responsible for saving a life. Along the way he finds out more about himself than he ever wanted to know, and everything he knew or believed to be true about the world around him is turned inside out.
I would say expect the unexpected, but there is no way you can prepare yourself for the journey you will embark on by committing to page one of this riveting tale.  It begins dark and formidable, gradually dragging you into a murky pool of evil where your feet don’t touch…  there are moments when, could you actually put the book down, you will desperately wish you could scrub your mind out with holy water.
But you won’t be able to put it down.
At first I was concerned that Romyn’s choice of language style would keep me from connecting fully to the story, as I am easily distracted.  However, my fears were completely unfounded, and I realized that the style was an integral part of the setting and mood. What I found was I could not be distracted, not by food, or sleep, or a silly day job. The problem with this story was that I couldn’t be disconnected from it.
Eventually, I called an exorcist.  I may need therapy for the resulting PTSD, and medication for the sleep depravation, but it was worth it.  Luke Romyn has crafted an amazing novel which, once I put down the holy water, leaves me praying for a sequel.

Do I recommend this book?   HELL YES!

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